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The vast majority of women have ovarian cysts at one time or another but fortunately, they are usually painless and symptom-free and most are unaware of their presence. For a minority of women, the situation is very different with painful, uncomfortable symptoms becoming a way of life and sadly, conventional treatment has little to offer.

Providing you have received confirmation from your doctor that your cyst is benign, home remedies for ovarian cysts are worthwhile considering as conventional medicine has little to offer for the treatment of this condition.

Heat therapy is one good way to begin. Use either a hot water bottle or a microwaveable heat-pad directly on the abdomen (wrapped in a towel if very hot) and the warmth will help give you some pain relief. Additionally, the heat will encourage and improve good circulation in the area which will, in turn, increase the blood supply to the ovary. This can help with healing. You can also try taking a warm bath for a similar effect. Gentle abdominal massage is also worth trying. This will also encourage circulation and the soothing effect can help give a little pain relief.

It is known that this condition can develop for a multitude of reasons but that diet and lifestyle play a big part. Many good home remedies for ovarian cysts will take this into account and encourage the adoption of a healthy eating plan which is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, beans nuts and pulses. It will also recommend that animal fats, processed and red meats are avoided. At least 6-8 glasses of filtered water is also beneficial.

Taking regular exercise is good therapy and is multi-beneficial. It is proven that exercise releases endorphins into the system which can naturally help quell pain. In addition, exercise can help with the maintenance of a healthy body weight, as it is known that excess abdominal fat can be a contributory factor for the formation of ovarian cysts.

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It is vital to remember that as with most natural approaches, there is not one single treatment which will form a cure although each small positive step you take will begin to relieve you of the symptoms. Natural remedies tend to focus on treating the whole person and eliminating all the possible causes which means that the root cause is eliminated. If you would like to see a comprehensive, tried and tested system which is completely guaranteed to cure your ovarian cysts, please visit Home Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

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Home Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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