Vibram speed official installed counters black temptation

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Now little tang comrade suddenly some shame, looking at the SuShaoYang indifferent to look, he found out that this was the place on the original and a little battle righteousness and bear, those sleek and sophisticated actually not how hate.
Think of his age much lighter than himself, but has south and north, responsible for the SUS 'family huang business things, among them after the rain, wind and frost snow must have been cannot understand his what right to despise him? Own or honest obey his arrangement, and returned to the rest room, don't stop distracting him.
SuShaoYang some worry about the look of looking at the vagaries of the tong pak fu, for fear that the FangDan XieYuan of a crazy Speak." Two people at the same time stand up tacit, tong pak fu on the other side of the door to back from the rest room, SuShaoYang with SuQing from here to the door is taking a person they ship came up to the ChuHao came out.
* * * * * * * * *
SuShaoYang feel for a long, long time are not have this kind of feeling, want to kill people feeling.
He now regret look down upon the king was to task, he felt but is flatter netting tong pak fu and xu jing two hand are powerless scholar, so those under the eye-catching elite killer and spies were he temporarily sacked, just take with you GuDing servant.
Chang pond abrupt and TaoHua dock on consumption, he has no thought of, now for the girl again incredibly and ChuHao and they turned on, is really a plan to catch up with change, SuShaoYang almost have a disorder feeling, not understand yourself it along the way, exactly is to deal with who?
Tong pak fu xu jing? Or TaoHua ChuHao, or have they left behind what person?
ChuHao has slowly from their own official ship on the SuShaoYang wide ShangFang deck, he is very confident of walking composed, vibram five fingers bikila the look in the eyes that a is like have be like without the YinZhi, the mouth cape can't suppress the thing and pretty malicious, direct tease the SuShaoYang long trial and balance.
Is really endure which can't endure! SuShaoYang feel must recall some people came to use. Otherwise it will become his Jackson of the deaf and blind.
This is ChuHao unexpected sudden attack is unforgivable miscarry, oneself could have done more calm some, because had not get any news, results to cause this unpredictable situation.
He would have been ChuHao currently impossible and your positive exchange, is what he wants and will wait to city, have never thought he so eager to threaten, it seemed to him that he was veiled, look down upon him.
ChuHao didn't go to see are coming out of the door of the SuShaoYang meet, but first to LiuYu, said: "all get up."
LiuYu who promised a chorus of voice: "be!" All the stand, stand on both sides of the list, SuShaoYang has brought people to ChuHao in front, and then... He takes the lead on his knees, mouth said: "SuShaoYang right, visit my Lord."
Perhaps only ChuHao a man can feel SuShaoYang voice grit and cold, is the kind of SuShaoYang gnash teeth in hatred and cold, suddenly let ChuHao feel very useful, he will ask is not the feeling? Can get him on the body always carry a strong person energy of life, let him helpless to bow down the yield.
ChuHao have a met his match of pleasant sensation, but SuShaoYang isn't rank, lane is bad to can fall a bully reputation, otherwise and a team like this contest, whether for women still contend for rights,

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Vibram speed official installed counters black temptation

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Vibram speed official installed counters black temptation

This article was published on 2012/05/25
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